Outdoor Adventure Expo

Midwest Mountaineering and the U of M

April 26 – 28, 2019

Expo Hours:

Friday  2 – 9:30
Saturday  9 – 6:30
Sunday  10 – 5

2 – 9:30

9 – 6:30

10 – 5

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Speaker Biographies / Program Descriptions

Experience Yellowstone in the Winter
Sue Slack

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“For years I have been living vicariously through your travel adventures!”  This is a phrase Sue Slack often heard from her friends.

Now, as the owner of New View Adventures (newviewadventures.com), Sue invites others to join her on exhilarating adventures throughout the world or learn how to travel in a way that is smart, classy and thrifty.

Kickin’ it in Croatia and Slovenia

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With over 1000 miles of stunning coastline, vistas of mountain tops and deep, dramatic gorges, the natural playgrounds of Croatia and Slovenia will stretch your body and soul.

Sue Slack will share the pictures and stories she’s collected over the past three years of hiking in the mountains and around the Adriatic Sea, a landscape so stunning, you’ll leave wanting to explore it yourself.

Sunday,  Nov. 18th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 105

Not a Trust Fund Baby? Travel the World Anyway!

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How can 7½ months in 8 countries (including airfare) cost less than living in the US?  Sue will show you how she did it so that you can do it too.  Learn the tricks of the travel trade that Sue has mastered over 50 years of travel to 50+ countries.

She’s not talking about dumpster diving or sleeping in alleys or being a stow-away on a ship (although that did happen once).  Sue’s talking about staying in comfortable clean lodging, eating good food, adventuring in nature, and exploring the sites of the country - in other words having a luscious, rich international travel experience with a minimal amount of money.

Travel smart, travel classy, travel thrifty and see the world!  Because your rich Aunt and Uncle are probably going to live for a long, long time!

Saturday,  Nov. 17th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 104

Solo Travel - It’s Good for All of Us

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Whether taking some solo time on a trip with Sue Slack or planning a solo trip, some of the most memorable experiences occur when you travel solo.

Sue will share her tips on how to invite interaction with other travelers and locals, travel safely (woman or man) and equipment (including apps) to have with you.

Make sure to ask Sue about her heart warming connection with the two young boys fleeing Syria - Snickers bars and the Pink Panther watch - and the pro basketball player’s jewelry.

Sunday,  Nov. 18th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 107

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