Outdoor Adventure Expo

April 28 – 30, 2023

Midwest Mountaineering and the U of M

Expo Hours:

Friday  2 – 9
Saturday  10 – 6
Sunday  11 – 5

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Speaker Biographies and Program Descriptions

Rod Markin
Rod Markin

Rod is a lifelong hiker/backpacker, with treks in New Zealand, Chile, South Korea, and Wrangell Mountains (AK), as well as many mountain states and the BWCAW.

He is a volunteer and current President of the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee (boundarywaterstrails.org) – a grassroots, volunteer organization that advocates for and clears hiking trails in the BWCA Wilderness.

Powwow Trail Recovery and Restoration
2020 Trail Clearing Trip Overview

In 2011, the BWCA Wilderness’ 30+ mile Pow Wow Trail (boundarywaterstrails.org/powwow-trail-guide) was utterly destroyed by the Pagami Creek Wildfire.  Campsites were obliterated; the trail’s tread burned beyond finding.

Since the fire, BWAC's volunteers have been unrelenting in their tireless efforts to re-establish this historic and scenic trail.

Rod will share a photo-log of before and after the fire, unique ecological aspect of regrowth of the forest after the fire, along with the efforts and successes of re-establishing and hiking the Pow Wow trail.

Saturday,  Nov. 19th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

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