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Midwest Mountaineering and the U of M

November 22 – 24, 2019

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Friday  2 – 9:30
Saturday  9 – 6:30
Sunday  10 – 5

2 – 9:30

9 – 6:30

10 – 5

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Speaker Biographies / Program Descriptions

The Banff Centre

The Banff Mountain Film Festival (banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-book-festival) accepts over three hundred mountain films into it's competition, the top fifty or so are screened throughout the festival.  Every year the films feature a range of styles and themes, including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture and the environment.

The festival (held in Banff, Alberta Canada) runs from Oct. 25th to Nov. 3rd, 2019.  2019 is the festival's 44th anniversary!

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

The Banff Mountain Film Festival accepts over three hundred mountain films into it's competition, the top fifty or so are screened throughout the festival.  The tour brings a selection of the best films from the festival right here to Midwest Mountaineering!  Every year the films feature a range of styles and themes, including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture and the environment.

Stunning International Film Productions on mountain themes ranging from mountaineering to ice and rock climbing to wildlife and environmental issues, as well as mountain sports such as skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, and much more.

These are some of the best of the fest from the internationally acclaimed film competition that captures the spirit of the mountains with magnificent cinematography.  See the award winners that blanket the spectrum of outdoor activities, culture and environment.

Come explore breathtaking mountain environments and cultures celebrating the spirit of outdoor adventure.  The tour brings the festival to 305 cities in 20 countries around the world covering territory across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific.  Whether you are an armchair adventurer or an experienced mountaineer, this event is for everyone.  Don't miss the excitement!

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
2018/2019 Trailer
(2019/2020 Trailer Coming Soon)


More Details:  Banff Mountain Film Festival page.

Tickets ($18) available for purchase beginning Friday, October 18th at 10:00a.m..

Purchase tickets ($18) here:  midwestmtn.com/tickets

These shows always sell out!  Get your tickets early.  Our Friday and Saturday night screenings will contain completely different films.  Attend both nights and see all of the films!

Sorry, Friday and Saturday have SOLD OUT !! 
Enjoy the Show !!!

Friday,  Nov. 22nd, 7:30p.m.,  U of M – Willey Hall, Auditorium
Saturday,  Nov. 23rd, 7:30p.m.,  U of M – Willey Hall, Auditorium

Rod and Sharon Johnson
Sharon and Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson is the owner and 1970 founder of Midwest Mountaineering, your locally owned outdoor adventure outfitter.  With his wife, Sharon, Rod has traveled the globe in search of great outdoor adventures which can be shared with you each Outdoor Adventure Expo!

Their programs provide resource sheets giving you the information you will need for planning your own adventure:  how to prepare, where to go, what to bring, how to keep your gear weight down, getting visas and permits, and how to keep the cost down.

They truly love helping others have fun and safe outdoor experiences.  Come catch their enthusiasm!

Hiking and Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

Program description coming soon!

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Winter Getaways and Hiking in the Southwest
Rod Johnson Surfing The Wave

The Southwest region of the United States is one of Rod and Sharon's favorite getaways!

Their newest presentation will recommend hikes in the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Sedona, the Wave and Red Rocks.

They will talk about trails, what to take, permits and where to stay.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Innocent Lyimo

Born and raised on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Innocent first climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro at the age of 15.  Innocent now has over fifteen years of experience both as mountain and safari guide in Tanzania.  Although he has lost count, he estimates he has climbed Kilimanjaro around 200 times!

Innocent is the founder of Destination Tanzania Safaris (detasa.com), a company based in Tanzania with an office in Minnesota.  He oversees all the operations and marketing for DETASA in the USA and at the same time continues to guide groups on Kilimanjaro and safari in Tanzania.

Alongside his work, Innocent enjoys many other outdoor activities and has a dream of climbing all seven summits in the future.  He and his wife Karen have two young daughters and live in southern Minnesota.

African Wildlife Safaris and Beyond

Come along on this wildlife safari into the animal-rich country of Tanzania.  Experience the endless plains of the Serengeti and the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater.

Go beyond the "typical" safari and visit a local tribe to experience their traditional way of life.  Hop on a canoe and paddle around Lake Momella alongside the hippos and crocodiles.  Break out your hiking shoes for an extended hike in the remote areas among cape buffaloes, bushbucks, baboons and even shy leopards.

Spend time volunteering at a local school or other organization.  And don't forget to spend a few days relaxing on the white sandy beaches and blue waters of Zanzibar.  Innocent will present a safari slideshow and offer advice and suggestions on how to create your own personalized itinerary for the perfect Tanzanian adventure!

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa
Mt. Kilmanjaro Summit

Accessible to beginning trekker/climbers, Kilimanjaro is a must, taking you through the mists of equatorial jungle to reach the snows and breath-taking views from the summit.

Our ascent of Kilimanjaro can be considered a trek since the terrain, while steep at times, is covered in trail all the way to the summit.  Participants can leave their ice axe and crampons at home; the only ice you will see is the bizarre ice cap that rises abruptly out of the moonscape surrounding the Crater Camp.

From the necessary equipment to physical preparations, Innocent will offer first-hand experiences and expert advice to assist you in planning a successful climb to the "Roof of Africa"!

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Mountain Gorilla Treks in Rwanda and Uganda

There can be few experiences in the world more memorable and magical than an encounter with the mountain gorillas in the jungle.

There are thought to be around 800 mountain gorillas left in the world today, all found in a small area of East Africa straddling the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Innocent Lyimo, born and raised in Tanzania, has over 2 decades experience of guiding trips in East Africa will be happy to share his experience and help you organize a trip to see these mountain gorillas in the East African Jungles.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Midwest Mountaineering Staff
Climb in the Bouldering Cave (Free)
Photo:  Jeff Wheeler

Discover the fun of rock climbing in our bouldering cave.  Free climbing (and climbing shoe use) in our climbing cave during the entire Outdoor Adventure Expo!

Cave Rules:

  • All persons in the climbing cave MUST complete and sign a liability waiver.  This includes all supervising adults.
  • All persons in the climbing cave MUST wear orange bracelet.  This verifies that you have signed the liability waiver.
  • Under 18 - Parent must co-sign liability waiver.
  • Under 14 - Parent must co-sign liability waiver.  Must be supervised by parent.
  • NO CHALK allowed in the cave.  Please help us keep the air fresh and our store nice and clean!  Eco-Ball chalk substitute is acceptable and is available for purchase.
  • No climbing on vertical wall (near West stairway).

The bouldering cave is located beneath the paddlesports department.

Climb On !!!

Friday, November 22nd, 2:00 – 9:00p.m.

Saturday, November 23rd, 9:00a.m. – 6:30p.m.

Sunday, November 24th, 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Midwest Mountaineering - Bouldering Cave

Maria Murillo

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Maria grew up with Costa Rica as her playground.

She is the founder of Costa Rica Authentic (costarica-authentic.com), a company that specializes in customized guided trips to Costa Rica.

Deep knowledge of Costa Rica inspired Maria to create a company that provides an authentic experience to people visiting Costa Rica – helping them create unforgettable memories.

Costa Rica: A Tropical Paradise

Learn about Costa Rica, a small country that makes up 5% of the earth’s biodiversity.  Visitors can enjoy the majestic volcanoes, beaches, cloud forest, rainforest as well as picturesque landscapes.

Costa Rica offers many activities for families, for the adventurous and for those who just want to relax and enjoy nature at a slow pace.  Hiking, bird watching, whale watching, river rafting, kayaking, canopy, rappel and surfing among them.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Hiking in Paradise: Costa Rica

If you love to hike with great nature surrounding you, Costa Rica is the place to visit.  It’s well known for great biodiversity, beautiful mountains, beaches, rainforest, volcanoes, wildlife and lush vegetation.

25% of the country is national parks and biological reserves which provide many trails to hike with family and friends.  There are many options throughout the country for all levels, from beginners to hard core hikers, which allow you to enjoy this beautiful country up-close.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Bear Paulsen
Bear Paulsen

Bear Paulsen loves canoeing and winter camping because they allow him to take long, extended trips into remote areas.  He’s spent well over three years of his life hiding from the real world in tents and under tarps.  He has paddled extensively in Ontario, Manitoba, and the BWCA, as well as trips in Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and the Yukon.  Winter camping has taken him to four Canadian provinces and eight states.

Bear is the General Manager of Northstar Canoes.

Winter Camping Basics

Don't let cold weather stop you from traveling outdoors for half the year.  Learning how to camp comfortably in the winter will allow you to see a whole new world.

Please join Bear Paulsen for an evening of learning about how to stay warm in the cold.  He'll cover how to dress, different clothing strategies and share tips and tricks from hundreds of nights of winter camping.  He'll also discuss food, water and give some basic safety information.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Winter Camping – Beyond the Basics

This clinic is for those that have already attended Winter Camping: The Basics, or those who have winter camped a few times and are looking to expand their knowledge.

Bear Paulsen will discuss choosing a campsite, shelter options and the all important – how to sleep comfortably through the long winter nights.  He'll cover winter travel from backpacking on foot to pulling a pulk sled through the BWCA.  Sled design will also be covered.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Hywel Taff Roberts
Hywel Taff Roberts

Hywel Roberts is the Director of Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts (wildwalestours.com).  He is a storyteller, adventurer, sailor, film director, naturalist and an avid hiker.

One of his most recent documentary films is “Attempting the Northwest Passage”.  He and three friends sought to sail through the Northwest Passage, the fabled route from the Atlantic through Canada's icy maze of arctic islands and into the Pacific Ocean.

Hywel is a native of Wales, speaks fluent Welsh and is passionate about his homeland and the Welsh culture.  He lives in rural Minnesota on the Mississippi River.

Hiking Snowdonia National Park and the Welsh Coastal Path

The Snowdonia National Park in North Wales and the Wales Coastal Path are undiscovered destinations for North Americans.

Come join us as we ramble along ancient pathways and scenic mountainsides, staying in historic inns along the way, and learning about this magical land and the culture of its people.  Come meet the locals, on the street and in the pubs, and listen to their music and stories!

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Steve Schreader and Eli Nord
Eli Nord
Steve Schreader

Midwest Mountaineering manager Steve Schreader grew up in the Twin Cities metro area and has been an avid outdoors enthusiast since he was five.  In addition to his love for all things Minnesotan, he has recently entered the world of mountaineering.  Having completed his first 14-er, he has his sights on more 14-ers in Colorado as well as some unclimbed peaks in British Columbia.

Eli Nord is currently the Junior Engineer of research and development for Northstar Canoes.  He has been an avid paddler since 2009 and specializes in canoe repair and restoration.

Ode 2 Minnesota
Ode 2 Minnesota Supporters

In August and September of 2018 two gents from Minnesota embarked on a three-stage trip dubbed, ‘The Ode to MN,’ a tribute to the natural splendor of Minnesota.

Using gear made in Minnesota, the trip began with a bike tour from St. Paul to International Falls, MN.  From here the two canoed the Voyageurs’ Highway through Voyageurs National Park and the BWCAW to Grand Portage State Park, MN.  Upon arriving at Lake Superior, they traded their paddles for backpacks and headed south to Duluth, MN via the Superior Hiking Trail.  The final stretch saw them return to their bikes, cycling back to St. Paul, MN.

Join Steve and Eli as they speak about their trip, their focus, their ups and downs, and what's it’s like to create an expedition right out of their own backyard.  This is a celebration of wilderness, innovation and adventure in our great state.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder, owner of Backpack The Trails LLC and an outdoor enthusiast for 40+ years, was raised by a father who wished to be a mountain man.  She just finished a 21-day solo of the John Muir Trail and counts it amongst her favorites, along with The Grand Canyon, The Wonderland Trail (Mt. Rainier), Mt. Robson (Canada), anywhere New Zealand, and California’s Lost Coast.

She has also kayaked places like the Broken Group Islands (Vancouver Island), Thailand, the Water Trail on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and the Apostle Islands.

Michelle teaches people how to backpack and is a NOLS Wilderness First Responder.

Backpack The Trails LLC:  backpackthetrails.com

Backpacking 101 - How to Keep from Doing Stupid S*** on Trail
Doing Stupid S*** on Trail

Want to learn backpacking basics?  Want to avoid common rookie mistakes?

Michelle will share information about what to bring (and what not to bring), how to pack a backpack, hang bear food, filter water, operate a stove, trail permits and more.

The first 30 people in the door will get a free hard copy of her Company's packing list.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Hugh M Smith MD PhD

Hugh Smith is a travel and adventure photographer and has traveled to over 90 countries and photographed wildlife in virtually every ecosystem on the planet.  Hugh trained in photography with the New York Institute of Photography and has had work published by the World Wildlife Fund and Paddler Magazine.

While not behind a camera, Hugh is an anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.


Photographing Wildlife: The Secret to Stunning Images

From the Amazon to Africa, from Northern to Southern Polar regions, join Hugh Smith as he explores amazing wildlife from around the world while he teaches you how to take better photographs.

Covering fundamental lessons in lighting, composition, exposure and sharpness, Hugh will share the most important photographic techniques for producing stunning images.

Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced photographer, there is something for everyone in this overview of wildlife photography.

Presentation time and location to be determined.

Richard Williamson

Rich Williamson, aka ‘Old Salt’ on the internet, has been traveling and fishing Alaska regularly since 2004.  He fell in love with Alaska on his first trip, and has been hooked since.

He has developed a series of Alaska presentations in order to guide others to enjoy their trips to the last frontier.

Alaska DIY: Travel On the Cheap!
Sign Post Forest near Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Rich Williamson, aka ‘Alaska DIY Guy’, has been traveling and researching Alaska travel since 2004.  He is a member of ATIA (Alaska Travel Industry Association) and is an ‘Alaska Certified Expert’.  He has been talking about travel in Alaska at the Outdoor Adventure Expos for the past several years.  This is one of his passions, to share the adventures of Alaska in a way to enable others to experience their Alaska Dreams.

This presentation shares the basics of how to plan your trip on a budget.  His pictures capture only a small taste of Alaska.

If Alaska is on your radar, you will not want to miss this informative presentation.  He has recently compiled a Guide for free distribution to those attending.

[email protected]

Presentation time and location to be determined.

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