Outdoor Adventure Expo

Midwest Mountaineering and the U of M
November 16 – 18, 2018

Expo Hours:

Friday  2 – 9:30
Saturday  9 – 6:30
Sunday  10 – 5

2 – 9:30

9 – 6:30

10 – 5

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Speaker Biographies / Program Descriptions

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Speakers & Programs (Featured):

  • AAA Auctions
    • Canoe, Kayak & Paddleboard Auction
  • The Banff Centre
    • Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour
  • Craig Blacklock
    • Saint Croix and Namekagon Rivers - The Enduring Gift
  • Kevin Callan
    • Canoeing Nova Scotia's Inland Wilderness
    • The Complete Guide to Winter Camping
    • Ontario's Accessible Wilderness Canoe Routes
  • Kevin Callan, Cliff Jacobson, Pete Marshall, and Bob O’Hara
    • Expedition Canoeing Roundtable
  • Winchell Delano
    • Rediscover North America Expedition
  • Lonnie Dupre
    • Alone at the Top - Climbing Denali in the Dead of Winter
  • Amy and Dave Freeman
    • Pedal to D.C.
  • Cliff Jacobson
    • Bear-Proofing Your Camp
    • Camping's Top Secrets
    • Canoeing the Boundary Waters ... With Style!
  • Rod and Sharon Johnson
    • California Wine Country: Hiking and Highway 1
    • Trekking in Patagonia: Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy
  • Michael Koppy
    • 240 miles through Moab: The Extremes of an Ultra-marathon

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16 featured programs listed.

Speakers & Programs:

  • David Aeilts and Jim Louwsma
    • YOU CAN Hike the Grand Canyon
  • Greg Brick, Ph.D.
    • Minnesota Caves: History and Lore
  • Grant Carston and Shane Olson
    • Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks
  • Dan Cooke
    • Tarp Setup Demonstration
  • Phil Cotton
    • The Wabakimi Project – The Last Hurrah
    • Wandering in the Wabakimi Wilderness
  • Lisa Crayford
    • The 25 Best Waterfalls in Minnesota
  • Renee Davies
    • Exploring the Breathtaking Galapagos Islands and Mainland Ecuador
    • Machu Picchu and Beyond:  Making the Most of Your Travels in Peru
  • Sarah Ehlen
    • Hiking & Photographing Glacier National Park
    • Landscape Photography
  • Wilmer Fernandez
    • Birding in Honduras
  • John Fleck
    • Get Out and Get Loaded with SURLY Bikes!
  • Gals to the Gulf
    • Gals to the Gulf Expedition
  • Katya Gordon
    • Ice-Out Sailing Voyages on Lake Superior
  • Jay Gustafson
    • Solo Canoe Minnesota’s Rivers … All of Them
  • Christina Hausman
    • Top 10 Voyageurs National Park Experiences
  • Jordan Harvey
    • Patagonia Unbridled: Journey through Southern Chile & Argentina
  • Alison Heebsh and Heide Erickson
    • Backpacking the World's Longest Slot Canyon
  • Dan Hobbs
    • Ace The Four Hardest 14ers
    • The Four Great Colorado Traverses
  • Mike Hogan
    • Backpacking Kings Canyon National Park
  • Bruce Hyer
    • Wabakimi: World’s Best Wilderness Canoeing Area?
    • Woodland Caribou are a lot like Canoeists!
  • Luke 'Strider' Jordan
    • Thru-Hiking the Great Plains Trail
  • Ralph Karsten
    • Long Distance Bikepacking
  • Paul Kautz
    • Crown to Coast: The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail
  • Jim and Penny Langland
    • Hiking the Scottish Highlands
  • Cliff Langley
    • Chasing Big Falls on the North Shore
  • Craig Luedemann
    • The Grand Canyon: South Rim Backcountry Hiking
  • Innocent Lyimo
    • African Wildlife Safaris and Beyond
    • Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa
    • Mountain Gorilla Treks in Rwanda and Uganda
  • Paula Maccabee
    • PolyMet Sulfide Mining: Imminent Threat to Minnesota’s Clean Water and Values
  • Al Macdonald
    • Australia:  Island Hopping & Hospitality Down Under
    • Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
    • New Zealand:  An Adventurer's Paradise
  • Steven Malikowski
    • A Guide to Bike Camping
  • Bobby and Maura Marko
    • Camping with Babies and Toddlers
    • Family adventure in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks
  • George Maurer
    • Bikepacking Around and Through Iceland
  • Reggie McLeod
    • Paddling the Upper Mississippi River
  • Daniel Meckel and Scott Sater
    • Mindful Journeys to the Source of the Ganges
  • Jennifer Metherel-Potter
    • Hiking Mdaabii Miikna at Pukaskwa National Park
  • Midwest Mountaineering
    • Beer! and Gear!  Social Night and Raffle
  • Midwest Mountaineering Staff
    • Climb in the Bouldering Cave (Free)
  • Midwest Mountaineering Staff and Vendor Representatives
    • Paddlesports Demo
  • Minnesota Canoe Association
    • Efficient Paddling Technique
  • Maria Murillo
    • Costa Rica: A Tropical Paradise
    • Hiking in Paradise: Costa Rica
  • Annie Nelson
    • Arrowhead Amble: Putting Together a Long-distance Hike in MN
  • Steve Nelson
    • Planning & Packing for a BWCA Canoe Trip
    • Top BWCA Sites You Should Visit
  • NOLS
    • Top 5 Medical Situations Every Outdoor Traveler Should Know How to Handle
    • Wilderness Medicine for Paddlers
  • Casey O’Connell
    • East African Adventures: Plan, Prepare, Enjoy
  • Bob O’Hara
    • Expedition Canoe Planning
    • A Primer on Canoeing Alaska
  • Scott Oeth
    • Great Canoe Trips that are not in the Boundary Waters
    • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Jessica Ostrov
    • Equality and Inclusion in Green Spaces
  • Bear Paulsen
    • The Ancient World of Jordan
    • BWCA: Everything You Need to Know
    • No One Paddles The Thoa River
  • Brenda Piekarski
    • Adventure Filmmaking
  • Brenda Piekarski and Alison Young
    • The Border Route Trail
  • Jonathan Poppele
    • Bird Language: Understanding the Universal Language of Nature
    • Wildlife Tracking in the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • Jonathan Ringdahl
    • Introduction to Sea Kayaking
    • Isle Royale National Park
  • Hywel Taff Roberts
    • Wild Wales Walkabouts
  • Michelle Savoie
    • Discover YOUR Quetico Eco-Adventure
  • Gary Scott
    • Exploring Croatia and Slovenia
    • Trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal (Cancelled)
    • Walking in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy
  • Michelle Schroeder
    • Grand Canyon’s Remote Side
    • Hiking the Wonderland Trail
    • Tramping New Zealand Without a Plan
  • Harlan Schwartz
    • Wilderness Paddling in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
  • Postak Shrestha
    • Bhutan: The Land of Thunder Dragon
  • Sue Slack
    • Not a Trust Fund Baby? Travel the World Anyway!
  • Henry Slocum
    • Gravel Grinding
  • Hugh M Smith MD PhD
    • Photographing Your Bucket List
  • Sevve Stember
    • Rocky Mountain National Park, Climbing Bliss
    • Trail Running in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
  • Superior National Forest
    • BWCA Wilderness Act: Dispelling the Myths and Legends
  • Adam Swanson
    • Youth Cycle Touring
  • Tommy Thompson
    • Paddling Natural North Florida
  • David Thorpe
    • Cycling the Mississippi River Trail with Man’s Best Friend
  • Steve Tickle
    • High Passes to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Jim Umhoefer
    • Cuba: Its Colors and Culture
    • Renting Backcountry Cabins and Lookouts
    • Traveling to Alaska by Ship, Bus and Train
  • Adam “Chip” Vachon
    • Planning to Go Fast and Light: Doing More with Less
  • John Van Barriger
    • Packing the Perfect "Oh S***" Kit
    • Cheeseheads, Beer & Surgery: Paddling the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway
  • Tom Watson
    • All About Touring Kayaks
    • Best Tent Camping in Minnesota
  • Scott Weicht
    • Bicycling Southwestern China and Northern Laos
  • Nora Whitmore
    • Kayak and Whitewater Opportunities in Minnesota
  • Paul Wild
    • Biking Spain’s Camino de Santiago
  • Richard Williamson
    • Alaska DIY: Four Great Trips to The Great Land!
    • Alaska DIY: Traveling the Alaska Highway
  • Alison Young
    • A Trek to K2 Basecamp in Pakistan
  • Craig Zarley
    • Catching Canoe Country Walleyes

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105 programs listed.

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